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Sharing and advancing knowledge, the RCEA and its members seek to enhance people's lives as a Civil Engineer.


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Our Mission

When the Railway Civil Engineers' Association was founded, its objective was set out to foster continuing professional development and the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst railway engineers by way of technical papers and discussions, site visits to engineering works and talks on matters relating in general to railway civil engineering. We have been doing these things ever since.

Since our reconstitution in 1997, our core aim has been updated to suit 21st Century world:

'Promoting the benefits which railway civil engineers can bring to our world with a fast, comfortable, safe and sustainable means of transport'

We fulfil our aims in two key ways, through sharing knowledge within the profession and enthusing young engineers to join and build railway civil engineering for the future. Please read our Promotional Brochure to find out more.

Sharing Knowledge

Our Members Area:

Enthusing Young Engineers

Parliamentary Receptions.