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Sharing and advancing knowledge, the RCEA and its members seek to enhance people's lives as a Civil Engineer.


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The Young Railway Civil Engineers         

The YRCE exists to best serve the needs of younger civil engineers who want to develop in the rail industry. We seek to help Students, Apprentices, Graduates and those members of the profession under 35. Our core vision is to:

►  Aid knowledge sharing, learning and development between members of our association and the railway industry;
►  Promote, and develop attraction toward, railway engineering - with particular focus on younger and less experienced engineers;

►  Attract new members and enhance our influence towards improving our industry.

If you are interested in railway civil engineering and are in education or just starting out on your career, please contact us or come and join one of our events to find out more.

Benefits of YRCE Membership

There are many benefits to an YRCE membership. Please browse our website to understand the full range of what we have to offer, but the key benefits for joining are:

►  A programme of presentations and meetings on current projects, future planning, railway management and industry issues;

►  Develop a broader understanding of rail integration and 21st Century transport needs;

►  The regular chance to meet colleagues from a variety of backgrounds with potential innovative solutions for your problems;

►  Opportunities to meet leading political and engineering figures in the transport industry at our Parliamentary Reception and other events;

►  Visits to a wide range of large railway projects and construction sites;

►  Access to the professional resources in the RCEA Members Area, including a back catalog of content;

►  Continuing Professional Development for engineers at all stages of their career;

►  Attendance certificates for CPD logs, valuable for those on a formal training scheme;

►  Engagement with other leading rail industry bodies and associations.

We actively welcome new members and want to promote the opportunities by linking a wider engineering community, all the more reason to join.