Membership Criteria                                                                              

Before filling in the RCEA Membership Application form, please take note of the following criteria used to approve applications based on our Constitution:

Ordinary Membership:

'Those who are engaged in, or been engaged in, the development, design, construction or maintenance of engineering infrastructure for railway operations. Ordinary members will normally be professional engineers. Membership may also be accorded on the basis of experience, position of responsibility, or contribution to the railway infrastructure industry.'


Young Professional Membership:

'Shall normally be graduates on a formal training scheme. Graduates not on a formal training scheme will be accepted if they supply an acceptable statement explaining how they intend to gain suitable structured experience.'


If you have any queries please Contact Us, we are keen to support engineers young and old looking to develop in the railway civil engineering profession.

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(Please note that paper forms will not be available during the COVID-19 outbreak due to office staffing levels)



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